Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Steps

I never really wrapped my mind around the concept of a wedding. Kathleen and I had been planning on getting engaged for quite a while before it actually happened, but in my mind, the process would be "we get engaged, then we get married"...for some reason I guess I forgot that there was a wedding that had to take place.

So, I guess I was a little surprised when we got to New York and I found out that the O'Haras had already looked at a few reception locations. Wait a sec, hadn't I proposed like 2 weeks ago? And weren't we getting married in 2011?

I tried to at least do something concrete this week. I basically asked our house from senior year at Georgetown to be my groomsmen. Frank agreed to be my best man, and Pete and Chris agreed to be my groomsmen. Ali, a friend from high school will also be a groomsman. Woo hoo! I did something!

Throughout the week, I think we must have been asked if we had set a date at least a dozen times. Once or twice I joked, "yep, 2011". I'm also finding that I'm not exactly cut out for wedding planning. What kind of flowers? What kind of centerpieces? What should the invitations look like? And this is just for the wedding. Little did I know that there are tons of other things that come in between. Engagement parties, bridal parties, bachelor/bahelorette parties, meetings with the priest, pre cana, etc. etc. etc. This is starting to sound very overwhelming. I guess "getting married" is actually quite complicated. Good thing I've got a great girl to go through it with.

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