Monday, March 29, 2010

Uncle Gerard's Wedding

In case you weren't aware of just how cool I am, it's necessary to point you to my other blog, You Are Where You Came From, my genealogy/family history blog. As much as I could just tell you how cool genealogy is and leave it at that (as I often do), instead, I'm going to draw wedding planning inspiration from my family history!

I've occasionally posted about my grandmother's Uncle Gerard's wedding, and here I'll share a picture of the wedding between Gerard Mulcahy and Ann Danaher, in 1937, at the St. George Hotel, Brooklyn, NY.

The bride and groom are to the right; My great-grandfather is seated at the "head" of the table, with my great-grandmother to his right.

But if you want to hear more about them, you'll have to visit my nerdier blog.

I'm hear to talk about the table. Ever since I first saw this picture, long before I was thinking about weddings, I was enamored of the ferns on the table. Simple, yet elegant, don't you think? I don't think a similar design would work on a round table - not enough room room to show them off - but maybe, if we were married during fern season (when are ferns in season, exactly?), and used ferns in our flower arrangements, ferns like this would be a nice accent on a head table.

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  1. Having spent the weekend debating 5-ft rounds, 6-ft rounds, and rectangular tables for the reception, I can tell you that on a 6-ft round there is plenty of room to display ferns like this. There is a surprising amount of empty space to fill.