Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wedding Dress Wednesday - Dalmacia by Pronovias

For the first several weeks of our engagement, I was so busy that the closest I got to planning or even thinking about weddings was furtively sneaking peeks at wedding dresses online while I was supposed to be studying. As a result, I've already developed something of a collection of links to and pictures of wedding dresses online, which I'll share with you in a feature I'm calling "Wedding Dress Wednesday." (I worry the attempt at alliteration is going to backfire if I ever want to start another weekly feature, considering that "Wedding anything" is going to require the use of a Wednesday for alliteration . . . but so be it.)

I adore this dress. I love it, I love it, I love it. I haven't been able to find the original image source, but it seems it from the 2008 Pronovias St. Patrick line. It's being discontinued almost immediately, I've heard, and while we're not far enough along to have set ourselves a budget for things like dresses, the $1,700 price I saw is really just far more than I think I'd be comfortable paying for *1* piece of clothing that I will wear *1* time on *1* day. It would seem unconscionable. There are starving children in Africa, after all.

But that doesn't mean we can't at least talk about the dress, right? I love the lace. I love the sleeves. I love the lace sleeves. I'd love to get married in a dress with sleeves - I've always been partial to lace sleeves - and they're a bit hard to find. I was worried that if I insisted on sleeves, I'd end up looking frumpy or old-fashioned. I may want sleeves, but I don't want to compromise. This was the first dress I found that really proved that "sleeved" and "frumpy" can be downright antithetical at times. So though it's out of reach, I keep coming back to it and drooling a bit.

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