Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding Dress Wednesday - Philosophical Musings

No fancy pictures today. But I've been thinking about where wedding dresses fit into our wedding plans. I got some flack for suggesting that $1700 was too much to spend on a wedding dress. Let me try to explain why that is.

There are a lot of ways in which I conceive of our wedding day:

The beginning of an indissoluble union that will fundamentally and forever bind us together.

A solemn declaration of our love for each other.

The first day of the rest of our life.

The creation of a new family.

A giant party celebrating Life and Love.

The bringing together of our family and friends as part of our new family, part of the rest of our life.

Notice what's missing from that list? "Fashion show." Of course I want to look nice. But I've never been a fashionista, and so beyond that, I'm not sure how much time or effort should go into picking out what I'm going to wear on my wedding day. Wedding websites and books recommend allocating 10% of your wedding budget to your dress. That seems nuts. My clothes are not 10% of the experience of my wedding. Going to David's Bridal and spending $300-$500 on a dress seems much more in line with the proper place that a dress should hold in the grander scheme of the wedding. 1-2% of the budget, 1-2% of my time and effort, 1-2% of the wedding experience.

(Note: There is every possibility that I will be eating my words when I find a gorgeous, expensive wedding dress that I just fall in love with. Don't judge.)

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