Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wedding Dress Wednesday - Ivanka Trump's Wedding Dress

Ivanka Trump's wedding dress has gotten a lot of attention. I think it's well-deserved, but I also think it's amusing just how revolutionary a wedding dress with sleeves is these days.

(Getty Images)

According to Cathy Horyn of the NY Times, the dress, by Vera Wang, was inspired by Grace Kelly's wedding dress. Ivanka insisted on the sleeves and high neckline as a result of having converting to Orthodox Judaism before marrying Jared Kushner. (The implication, of course, being that if she had remained Catholic, there would have been no reason at all to be covered during a wedding ceremony.)

I love that this dress doesn't just happen to have sleeves; it was intentionally designed with modesty in mind, and what was the result? Classic - and classy - beauty.

I love designer Vera Wang's take on it: "She was actually very much about being covered and I seized on the chance to do a dress that wasn't naked and very Hollywood."

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  1. this dress is gorgeous and you would totally pull this look off beautifully!!

    btw, hi! Michelle told me about this blog and I actually choked up a little when I heard the title. love it!