Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Dress Wednesday - Mia Solano M1054Z

When I started looking for pictures of dresses with sleeves, I was mostly looking for dresses with long, sheer, lacy sleeves, because I think they're pretty. Besides, most of the other besleeved options came from places like, which, though it has some quite pretty dresses, has many dresses that look like someone put a T-shirt on over her wedding gown. Almost uniformly, the short-sleeved dresses I saw were like most of those at LatterDayBride, and had T-shirt style necklines and sleeves. I was thus pretty sure that short sleeves were not for me.

Until I came across this dress by Mia Solano.

I can't even tell you why I love it, but I do. Unfortunately, you can't zoom on the Mia Solano website, so it's hard to see the lace pattern in detail, but I think it may be the texture of the dress that I find particularly attractive. I'm also fond of what the website calls the "rouched Satin band at the waist." (Note: I'm not sure rouching is what I though it was?)

What do you think of this short-sleeved dress?

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