Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wedding Dress Wednesday - Kendra

This afternoon, looking for some fresh Wedding Dress Wednesday inspiration, I googled "lace wedding dress." (Ok, maybe not so fresh - after all, 99% of the dresses I've posted so far have lace.)

One of the results on the first page was for, the website for a bridal shop that sells custom wedding gowns at reasonable (actually: really cheap) prices. While they may need a professional to redesign their website, and ordering a custom gown from someone whose work I couldn't see in person, in advance, is not high on the list of things I want to do, I found a couple of dresses that I think are just gorgeous.

The Kendra, above, is one of them. I think I've got a lace problem, because how I feel about a dress is directly proportionate to how much lace it has. (See: Dalmacia, Mia Solano, Ivanka Trump) This dress is beautiful. It's described on the website as "Beautiful Strapless Styling With Sequin Encrusted Lace Overlay Bodice. Slimming Dropped Waist with slight A-line silhouette. Fitted Styling With Slimming Princess Seams On Bodice. Gorgeous All Over Ancelon Lace Over Lay. Lovely Train." (It's the eternal italics and overuse of capital letters that really make me think they need to redesign their website.)

The front:


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