Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Negative One-Year Anniversary

Kathleen and I have been discussing when to get married for a while. I felt pretty strongly about having the wedding when it is at least semi-warm. Kathleen felt pretty strongly about not having it around our birthdays (mine is May 22, hers is May 31). But we also don't want to get into June-July-August when it's wedding season and it gets difficult and expensive to book decent reception venues. So, we decided that April would be a good month.

Kathleen called the Catholic Church in Suffern, where we are going to get married and they had two available dates in April, 2011- the 2nd and the 30th. We ended up deciding on the later date and I called and left a message for the monsignor.

I got a call back from him about 2 minutes before we were set to publish at the Cook Political Report (it's pretty hectic at this time) and I believe what came out of my mouth when I answered the phone was "oh damn, can I call you right back, we're about to publish." A) Probably not a good idea to curse during a conversation with a priest. B) He didn't know what I did for a living and probably didn't know what I meant by "we're about to publish." But, I called him back a few minutes later, and we settled on the date.

So friends, Kathleen and I will be married at Sacred Heart Church in Suffern, NY on April 30, 2011 at 3pm. Kathleen came over after work as we had the John Carroll block party a few blocks down the road that night. She gave me a -1 year anniversary card and a bag of chocolates. She can be hard on herself for not being romantic enough, but I teared up at what she wrote to me in the card (which will stay between us). In return, I got her...nothing. I didn't even think to do something even though Kathleen apparently said that we should celebrate the -1 year anniversary. Guess I'll have to make that one up to her ;-).


  1. OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD!!! I'm so excited for you two!! Congratulations!!

  2. I'm so happy for you both, congrats on choosing a date! See you two this weekend :)