Monday, April 12, 2010


I have the best friends ever. Last week, on Tuesday night, they threw Ben and I surprise engagement party! My friends Lauren and Andy had been insisting that they wanted to get together with the two of us "for a little toast." When I showed up on the roof of Andy's apartment building after class, I hadn't been expecting anyone except Lauren and Andy to be meeting us. (Or I wouldn't have been, had I not run into another friend on my way in.) Instead, a dozen of our friends were there to surprise us and celebrate with us! Amanda even came up from Richmond just for the night!

Given the very busy fortnight I'd been having when Ben proposed, Spring Break, taking classes after work on most weeknights, and a few weekend-long events like Easter, it had been over a month since we'd gotten engaged, and yet we hadn't seen most of my friends in the interim.

I showed off the ring, they proposed a toast, there was delicious homemade cake (thanks, Lauren!). It was a wonderful evening, and we were thrilled that our friends put it together for us!

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  1. Have been woefully delinquent in following this blog, but I'm back! This was so sweet of them!